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九游会app下载安卓 Managed

The easy way to achieve peak facilities performance, for wherever you need more help.

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Top performance at a lower cost is finally within reach

九游会app下载安卓 Managed is a new, collaborative approach to facilities management. 和你一起, we design a data-driven program for getting peak performance from your assets and providers. Our team helps with your daily operations, so you can focus on serving your customers and evolving your business.

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    Leave the hard work to 九游会app下载安卓
    • If you lack the time or the team to chase down every emergency work order, then our Managed services have you covered.
    • Our team is on call 24/7 to help keep your operations running, and to help you sleep at night.
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    Grow and adapt without limits
    • Scale your facilities program as fast as your business can add new locations and offerings.
    • Our team sources, onboards, monitors, and coaches your network, so you get service delivered wherever you grow.
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    Work with only top providers
    • We build your network with top performers based on actual performance and cost data.
    • Depending on the trade, you can see up to 30% lower invoice costs, 80% faster speed, and 40% higher quality.
九游会app下载安卓 Managed: Ensuring High Performance & Transparency
The platform really enables everyone involved to know what's going on. It saves so much time.

James Hemsarth 九游会app下载安卓

Having that opportunity to reach the clients that we want to get in front of, it’s been able to grow our business about 50%.

Jordana Gennaro Co-Owner, Gennaro Plumbing

Your program, our responsibilities

We deliver best-in-class facilities management as a service, so you get peak performance with the agility to evolve.

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    Optimize Network

    We source the best providers from our Marketplace for every trade where you need support.

    We monitor and coach providers to continuously improve their performance and cost effectiveness.

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    Drive Workflows

    We communicate with providers and locations to complete work orders on time and at low cost.

    We operate a preventive maintenance program to keep your assets and locations in top shape.

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    Manage Expenses

    We facilitate all invoicing and payments with providers, without adding any hidden costs.

    We review proposals and validate invoices so you pay only for the right work done the right way.

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    Analyze Performance

    We manage all your data on the 九游会app下载安卓 Platform, so you have real-time visibility into spend, locations, and assets.

    We deliver reporting and strategic advising to guide key business decisions.

The latest facility excellence insights

What are facilities managed services?

九游会app下载安卓 Managed is a suite of managed services that encompasses day-to-day facilities operations, provider sourcing, and network management.

Whereas the 九游会app下载安卓 Platform is software-as-a-service, 九游会app下载安卓 Managed is facilities management-as-a-service. Our team helps out with your workload when you’re understaffed, so you can expand your facilities footprint without scaling your headcount as you grow.

What is unique about 九游会app下载安卓 Managed?

We created 九游会app下载安卓 Managed because we heard from many clients that they were dissatisfied with the performance and cost of conventional facilities outsourcing models. 

Here are 5 key ways that 九游会app下载安卓 Managed differs from your typical FM outsourcer:

  • Increased transparency. Conventional pricing can be a black box. 九游会app下载安卓 Managed has no hidden markup – you get the original invoices from your providers, and our fees are kept separate.
  • Better performing providers. With over 70,000 options to choose from, we source the top-performing providers from our marketplace based on their actual speed, quality, and cost KPIs.
  • Aligned incentives. We don’t cut corners by using providers with the cheapest labor rates. We source the most cost-effective, qualified providers for each job, and we incentivize performance by bringing them new business over time.
  • You own your network. Your providers work for you directly, so you can build strategic relationships over time. You can keep your providers even if you leave 九游会app下载安卓.
  • Single source of truth. Outsourcing can lead to inconsistent and fragmented data. We give you centralized visibility to every dollar spent on work orders and assets in one system of record, whether we manage the trade or you do.
What trades can you manage?

九游会app下载安卓 can manage your workflows for over 50 common commercial service trades.

九游会app下载安卓 Managed supported trades: 

Animal Habitats & Aquariums†, Appliances†, Auto Service Equipment†, Automatic Doors, Awnings & Shades, Backflow*, Balers & Compactors, Bar, Keg, and Beverage Systems†, Car Wash Equipment†, Conveying Systems†, Cosmetic, Salon & Dermatological Equipment†, Dock Equipment, Doors, Electrical, Elevators & Escalators†, EMS Equipment (excluding Monitoring)†, Environmental Waste†, Fire Alarm Systems†, Fire Life Safety Equipment*, Floorcare*, Flooring, Forklift & Pallet Jacks, Frozen Beverage Equipment*, Fuel Dispensing & Monitoring†, Furniture, General Repairs/Handyman, Generators†, Glass & Windows, Grease Trap*, Hot & Cold Beverage Equipment*, Hot & Cold Kitchen Equipment*, HVAC*, Janitorial*, Landscaping*, Lighting, Line Striping, Locks, Medical & Ophthalmological Equipment†, Overhead Doors & Gates, Parking Lot Repairs, Parking Lot Sweeping*, Pest Control*, Plumbing, Proprietary Food Service Equipment†, Refrigeration*, Roofing, Security Alarm Systems†, Signage, Snow Plowing*, Voice & Call Systems†, Window Cleaning* 

* We can source scheduled maintenance services for these trades.

† Clients need to source and manage providers for these specialty trades.

For any trade where 九游会app下载安卓 is not managing the workflow, you can still manage the workflow and providers using our platform for visibility.

You can keep using any existing providers that are working well for you. We manage the workflows to free up your team while monitoring performance metrics to hold those providers accountable.

If you have any questions about our trade coverage, please contact us.

How does pricing work for 九游会app下载安卓 Managed?

The pricing for 九游会app下载安卓 Managed is designed to be simple, transparent, and without any of the hidden markups that are common among conventional outsourcers.

You will receive invoices directly from your service providers on the platform, so you can see exactly what you’re paying. Separately, your 九游会app下载安卓 Managed invoice will include a software subscription fee based on location count and a managed services fee based on service volume.

Provider sourcing is free for clients. We earn a small sourcing fee from providers when we connect them to new clients. This enables them to grow their business based on their track record, while saving on the sales and marketing costs they usually incur to find clients.

How can I get started with 九游会app下载安卓 Managed?

Our experts will work with you to get your program launched as quickly as possible. You can get started with on-demand work orders in as short as 90 days and scheduled maintenance programs in 120 days. 

We are currently experiencing high demand from new clients, so we are scheduling program launch dates on a first-come first-serve basis. The first step is to schedule a consultation and demo.


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